I just typo-ed that as I was writing to ‘brading’ and it seems to fit, I like it a lot, and just might go with it, y’kno TM it and stuff. So be ready for that on the viral circuit y’all…

Anywhoo I’m thinking again about this personal/professional branding stuff (always thinking about this I wish I could stop thinking about this even in my sleep I think about this). Believe me I want to write and write and word vomit and post uncontrollably until I get this worked out, I literally have to stop myself from posting every thought I have about this like 18 times a day, have to spare my readers the pain and heartache dontchakno.

But I’m getting closer, and this writing definitely helps, so thanks for bearing with me here.
So I’m currently in school (and boy how, I mean I’m in like one major school to get my degree finally and like 800 online classes that I call ‘professional development’ but really I think might just be an excuse to feel busy and pseudo-productive (plenty of info out there about this if you’re interested, maybe fodder for future blog explorations?hmm) and posted this in the FB group of one course I’m participating in, and it seems to nail it the best, my brand I mean, what I want to do with my life I mean, to tie up all these discordant loose ends I mean:

I have an AA and a background in enviro ed and wilderness programming, adventure leadership development, wilderness rescue and emergency medicine, that sort of thing. I’m currently an eco-preneur and lately been focusing more of my efforts on increasing impact and influencing the changing of business practices because I see this as a major cause of environmental degradation globally, especially in developing nations that are being pillaged for their resources as the indigenous cultures’ voice is silenced by the weight of the corporate elite. As such I’m currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration, and planning to focus on socially and environmentally responsible business, transparent practices, the circular economy, and alternative business models such as worker owned cooperatives, environmental finance, industrial ecology, impact investing, and more if I can handle it lol. I also have a focus practice and interest in contemplative activism, and I’m exploring ecological spirituality and how to spark conversations in the Christian church (particularly here in the US) and how to unite different faiths in this important battle for the future and survival of our planet and species!

Also a question I am wrestling with recently, is how do you have true wilderness experiences in an increasingly urbanized world, especially when it is an often losing battle to get urban planners and government officials to appreciate the importance of nature and set aside these areas for protection against economic interests?

This is it, my past experience, and current situation. All that other stuff is really just tools, icing on the cake, extraneous info, the how of what I do.

So that’s the core of it, that is what I am going to work on refining, defining, and putting to work.



[that sounds to me too much like pieces of the male anatomy]

Anyway, I need to get this out, down, out of my head and onto ‘paper’. I’m haphazardly  working on a multitude of things with an eye towards establishing myself, building an online platform, and ultimately getting paid. Thing is, there’s SO MUCH to do and so little time, and I feel like I’m shooting in the dark and spitballing to get it all done. It’s hard for me to organize, and verbalize. So I’m just going to word vomit here and see what happens:

entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, socially and environmentally responsible business, cooperatives, personal coach, find your calling, figure out your passion, consultant, small business, speaker, writer, author, marketing, communications, digital marketing, web development, HTML/CSS, Javascript, flexbox, food/waste/energy systems, urban, microgrids, renewables, solar, wind, blogging, personal brand, branding, strategy, business development, business administration, accounting, nonprofits, impact investing, socially responsible investing, sustainability, multipotentialite, polymath, music, DJ, photography, personal development, professional development, skill building, skill development, build solutions, Human Centered Design, impact measurement, performance dashboards, CSR, CSR reporting, Senior Certified Sustainability Professional …

The question is one of focus, for myself and for my readers. If I had to nail it down then I would like to blog mainly about spirituality, politics, business/entrepreneurship, and personal development. I’m trying to figure out how to structure all of this. Maybe it is centered on my personal URL, but scattered about the web on different platforms as guest blogging, and conglomerated into a main feed on my URL?

Maybe I can distill this down into business/entrepreneurship -socially and environmentally responsible, NPOs and coops and b-corps/soc ent; spirituality – Christian, contemplative activism (although this seems to include politics, which I’m not sure I want to lump the 2 together, that seems like playing with fire to me); and psychology – personal development, mindset, etc. The next question that this then leads to is how to include all the smaller skill-based subheadings of investing, communications, development, and also how to include things like ‘missions work’ which (for me) may be a part of business and spirituality. Through tags perhaps? Man this stuff ain’t easy.

In a perfect world, these are the things that I would be doing, as a business, to get paid for:

Missions – Focusing on contemplative activism and spirituality
+ Business-as-mission –

Coaching – people, to help them find their calling, figure out their mission, passions, skills, to help them be more effective changemakers

Consulting – to businesses and nonprofits, to help them be more sustainable and positive forces for change in the world
+ Working with and building cooperatives, social enterprises, benefit corporations/B-corp



– ecommerce – fair trade/handmade goods
– travel agency/tour company
– concierge guide service
– focusing on eco tourism, volunteering/service – activism,
spirituality/contemplation, team building,
– building sustainable solutions in food/waste/energy systems
– language schools – (indigenous languages?)

This. This is what I do, what I want to do. Not one of these things, all of these things.
How do I communicate this, who is my customer, what is my product, what is my brand, but really, what does all of this mean, and what does it matter?


No Choice

I have no choice, I have to keep going. This relentless pounding in my head isn’t healthy, it’s  called life, society, culture. Not healthy just real, so really real that I can’t seem to escape it, no matter how hard I try. Contemplation, meditation, I do it SO HARD.

And still the noise is there, banging at my window, demanding to come in. It’s called work. ‘Earn your keep boy’.
‘Those who do not work shall not eat.’

Well this has nothing to say about being a professional volunteer, about not being able to get a job in a crashing global economy, about refusing to do work or collaborate with any company that destroys people and the planet around it.

Because this is my choice. This is what I choose. I willingly go to the slaughterhouse of activism and refuse to contribute to a global economy that wrecks itself through consuming even those who support it. Eating souls, relationships, family and friends, we willingly march everyday into the furnace of M.O.R.E. Because what choice do we have?

And so  I call myself a pro-vol. Or should it just be pro-bono? I don’t know how to face the simple fact that the only work I can get, the only work that’s really worth doing, in the larger scheme of things, is unpaid, because capitalism.

How do you have margin in your life when you don’t have time to sleep or eat because you only make minimum wage and work 5 jobs oh wait let’s call them businesses these days? How do you take the time to build relationships or have a spiritual practice when you have to spend 25 hours a day 8 days a week providing for yourself or your family? How do you even perform self care when you are killing yourself to survive?

‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL THESE THINGS will be added unto you.’
No choice. I have no choice but to trust in that, to take Him at His Word.

No Choice

No Idea

I literally have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea how to do it either. I’m just shooting in the dark here, because I know that it can be better, I feel it, I mean I’ve actually lived it before. So what the hell happened?

Well for one I got lost. I gave up on the dream, I left it for dead because of not enough moneyfriendsjobstuff. or something. But really what happened is that God was settling in, and calling me back, back to Him, back into His sweet embrace, away from all the pain, away form all the heartache.

No. Not really. He never promised it would be easy. Just that He would be there with us through it.

But back to me, and how I have too many ideas, and don’t really know what to do or how to do it, and so I just go around and around and then don’t really do anything. What. A. Bummer.

See you thought there was going to be more didn’t you, that this was going to be some grandiose story of triumph and success, that the hero would win and vanquish the dragon and get the princess.

Well stay tuned. This is not the end.

No Idea

All of the Things

I’m really trying to figure out what this blog will be about.
See, the issue is, that I’m interested in literally everything. Well not literally, but you get the idea. There are so many things on my radar, so many things that I am learning, so much I want to learn, so much the world needs, that it is just so hard to figure out how
to narrow it all down.
Everytime I come up with an idea (‘yeah, that’s it, I’ll run with that’), it’s gone in 5 minutes, or as soon as I think I can write an article a week on a single subject for 3 years (*gulp) it scares the shit out of me, or even if I do try to sit down and write, my mind goes blank.

OK yes, I’ll admit it, part of the situation is that I just refuse to choose. I mean this is my party and I’ll cry if I want to. See, I’m what they refer to as a scanner, a multipotentialite, and I attribute it to ADD. But that is neither here nor there. The important thing is that I am not accepted in the rest of the world, and this is my niche, my playground, the one place that I can come and be heard, and talk about whatever the hell I want to.

And this is where the problem starts to set in. See dear readers, the #1 rule of getting and keeping an audience, many ‘pros’ would have you believe, is focus. Otherwise, what audience am I talking to? Am I writing for internet marketers, or for people that are looking for ehtical money making and investing ideas, or for people interested in the business of sustainability and socially and environmentally responsible business? Otherwise (the argument goes), I am writing for myself, and that is not the way to build a successful blog… unless I am solely buying my own BS here, but that is a topic for another blog at another time.

See, because to me, they are all related. I mean, we as a being are body and mind and soul. We as humans have families and careers, we recreate and work out, and relax. We are spiritual beings with physical needs. So to me, if I niche down and focus in my writing, I am not addressing the interpay between the topics of discussion, and this interplay is not only usually whats missing (and actually what’s f*#king wrong with the world, don’t get me started), but also where the creativity and innovation happens, where the solutions come about. James Altucher talks about ‘idea sex’, and the ‘idea babies’ are the profitable ones.

So this is what we are left with. A blog about nothing (get the Seinfeld reference? It worked for them), or, just maybe, it will be a blog about everything. I don’t know which one scares me more, which one will be easier (or harder?) to pull off, which one will attract an audience (the golden ticket to 72 virgin internet heaven, i.e. a successful internet buisness and profitability)…

Either way it will prove an interesting experiment.

All of the Things


I’m noticing something today.
There isn’t time in my life to watch and learn all of the things I want to. And that is hard for me to admit. I want to do all the things. I always have.

I have always said that I want my life to be doing as many different things I can. I always thought, OK, if I only have one life here on the Earth, then I want to pack as many mini-lives into that as humanly possible. And so I began.

Then I hit a point in my life, where I had a realization that I needed money to do these things. You’ve got to understand, up to this point, I could have cared less for money. I hated it. Getting it, having it, what it did to people, what people had to do to get it. Blech. No thanks. But I realized that it does serve a purpose, and the more the better.

Oh Boy. Hold on, here we go.

And that’s where this all began for me. This entrepreneurial journey, this desire to find passion filled work that I actually liked, in order to generate as much money as possible. So I began to lose myself on the way to finding myself. Or so I thought. I’m still not sure. The jury’s still out

I’m currently trying to start an internet business (or 3). Key word: trying. but as I said in the last post, there is just so. much. damn information to learn, navigate, watch listen absorb.
I’m trying to niche down (not doing a very good job here), start a blog, doing a Ramit Sethi program (one of the few I would actually give money to), and trying to start about a few other internet business projects. I mean, I need money, who doesn’t. But I’m realizing, as I’m learning because I don’t actually know what I’m doing here, that there is just too much. I can’t possibly do it all.

And then it hits me: I just need to begin. One step at a time.



False Starts and Good Intentions

I have been here before.
I have tried to start a blog/website/internet business before, (at least 3 times actually). I have remnants all over the web. On here,,

I am afflicted with focus deficit problems, information overload, and choice paralysis. There are so. many. options. on the internet today, and researching does NOT solve the problem, because they are all the best, according to people that use the platform in question.

So I start again, and attempt this time to narrow down, to block out, to do the hardest thing possible for me: to say no, and close off a possibility. Is it the right decision? Am I making the right choice? Well assuming there is even the acceptable belief in this day and age in ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, I have to honestly say “I don’t know.” Of course there is the entirely viable possibility that they are all the right choice, that there is no perfect, or that maybe everything is perfect.

What I do know though, is that if I don’t do this, if I don’t block out and ignore and possibly offend or choose incorrectly, I will never get started, and remain in wish-land limbo forever.

So here goes. Again. Post #1 (redo). v1.I’velostcount

False Starts and Good Intentions