American Consumer Gospel

God loves me, but that does not help me pay my bills.
God loves me, but this does not help me find a partner.
God gives me grace and mercy, but this doesn’t help me to have friends and live my life in a physical sense..

I don’t understand this stuff, that people spout off like it’s their job. Like all they do is sit in their 1% home with their beautiful wife living a life they never had to struggle for, like they had a perfect childhood and never went against the grain and had trouble finding anything other than a minimum wage job because their alcoholic father was never around to teach them things like how to figure out what you’re good at and how to talk to women. They just sit and earn money in their sleep and come up with this shit that’s easy to say and even easier to sell because who doesn’t want to feel good even if it costs them their last dollar to do it, because what is money for anyway except to buy us the opportunity to forget, even for a minute, the fact that praising God doesn’t bring us any more physical relief other than the joy in our heart, which is a hard enough feeling to describe never mind to actually feel.
I do not respect these people that tell me how easy it is to live life when the life they have lived has never been anything other than easy.

God all I ask for is wisdom. All I ask is that you show me what it means to walk with You, and to make it in this stupid bold beautiful hard nosed life. Just give me the grace to live each day loving and serving the unlovable as you would do, and to shine Your light into the darkest of places.


American Consumer Gospel