I just typo-ed that as I was writing to ‘brading’ and it seems to fit, I like it a lot, and just might go with it, y’kno TM it and stuff. So be ready for that on the viral circuit y’all…

Anywhoo I’m thinking again about this personal/professional branding stuff (always thinking about this I wish I could stop thinking about this even in my sleep I think about this). Believe me I want to write and write and word vomit and post uncontrollably until I get this worked out, I literally have to stop myself from posting every thought I have about this like 18 times a day, have to spare my readers the pain and heartache dontchakno.

But I’m getting closer, and this writing definitely helps, so thanks for bearing with me here.
So I’m currently in school (and boy how, I mean I’m in like one major school to get my degree finally and like 800 online classes that I call ‘professional development’ but really I think might just be an excuse to feel busy and pseudo-productive (plenty of info out there about this if you’re interested, maybe fodder for future blog explorations?hmm) and posted this in the FB group of one course I’m participating in, and it seems to nail it the best, my brand I mean, what I want to do with my life I mean, to tie up all these discordant loose ends I mean:

I have an AA and a background in enviro ed and wilderness programming, adventure leadership development, wilderness rescue and emergency medicine, that sort of thing. I’m currently an eco-preneur and lately been focusing more of my efforts on increasing impact and influencing the changing of business practices because I see this as a major cause of environmental degradation globally, especially in developing nations that are being pillaged for their resources as the indigenous cultures’ voice is silenced by the weight of the corporate elite. As such I’m currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration, and planning to focus on socially and environmentally responsible business, transparent practices, the circular economy, and alternative business models such as worker owned cooperatives, environmental finance, industrial ecology, impact investing, and more if I can handle it lol. I also have a focus practice and interest in contemplative activism, and I’m exploring ecological spirituality and how to spark conversations in the Christian church (particularly here in the US) and how to unite different faiths in this important battle for the future and survival of our planet and species!

Also a question I am wrestling with recently, is how do you have true wilderness experiences in an increasingly urbanized world, especially when it is an often losing battle to get urban planners and government officials to appreciate the importance of nature and set aside these areas for protection against economic interests?

This is it, my past experience, and current situation. All that other stuff is really just tools, icing on the cake, extraneous info, the how of what I do.

So that’s the core of it, that is what I am going to work on refining, defining, and putting to work.