[that sounds to me too much like pieces of the male anatomy]

Anyway, I need to get this out, down, out of my head and onto ‘paper’. I’m haphazardly  working on a multitude of things with an eye towards establishing myself, building an online platform, and ultimately getting paid. Thing is, there’s SO MUCH to do and so little time, and I feel like I’m shooting in the dark and spitballing to get it all done. It’s hard for me to organize, and verbalize. So I’m just going to word vomit here and see what happens:

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The question is one of focus, for myself and for my readers. If I had to nail it down then I would like to blog mainly about spirituality, politics, business/entrepreneurship, and personal development. I’m trying to figure out how to structure all of this. Maybe it is centered on my personal URL, but scattered about the web on different platforms as guest blogging, and conglomerated into a main feed on my URL?

Maybe I can distill this down into business/entrepreneurship -socially and environmentally responsible, NPOs and coops and b-corps/soc ent; spirituality – Christian, contemplative activism (although this seems to include politics, which I’m not sure I want to lump the 2 together, that seems like playing with fire to me); and psychology – personal development, mindset, etc. The next question that this then leads to is how to include all the smaller skill-based subheadings of investing, communications, development, and also how to include things like ‘missions work’ which (for me) may be a part of business and spirituality. Through tags perhaps? Man this stuff ain’t easy.

In a perfect world, these are the things that I would be doing, as a business, to get paid for:

Missions – Focusing on contemplative activism and spirituality
+ Business-as-mission –

Coaching – people, to help them find their calling, figure out their mission, passions, skills, to help them be more effective changemakers

Consulting – to businesses and nonprofits, to help them be more sustainable and positive forces for change in the world
+ Working with and building cooperatives, social enterprises, benefit corporations/B-corp



– ecommerce – fair trade/handmade goods
– travel agency/tour company
– concierge guide service
– focusing on eco tourism, volunteering/service – activism,
spirituality/contemplation, team building,
– building sustainable solutions in food/waste/energy systems
– language schools – (indigenous languages?)

This. This is what I do, what I want to do. Not one of these things, all of these things.
How do I communicate this, who is my customer, what is my product, what is my brand, but really, what does all of this mean, and what does it matter?