I’m noticing something today.
There isn’t time in my life to watch and learn all of the things I want to. And that is hard for me to admit. I want to do all the things. I always have.

I have always said that I want my life to be doing as many different things I can. I always thought, OK, if I only have one life here on the Earth, then I want to pack as many mini-lives into that as humanly possible. And so I began.

Then I hit a point in my life, where I had a realization that I needed money to do these things. You’ve got to understand, up to this point, I could have cared less for money. I hated it. Getting it, having it, what it did to people, what people had to do to get it. Blech. No thanks. But I realized that it does serve a purpose, and the more the better.

Oh Boy. Hold on, here we go.

And that’s where this all began for me. This entrepreneurial journey, this desire to find passion filled work that I actually liked, in order to generate as much money as possible. So I began to lose myself on the way to finding myself. Or so I thought. I’m still not sure. The jury’s still out

I’m currently trying to start an internet business (or 3). Key word: trying. but as I said in the last post, there is just so. much. damn information to learn, navigate, watch listen absorb.
I’m trying to niche down (not doing a very good job here), start a blog, doing a Ramit Sethi program (one of the few I would actually give money to), and trying to start about a few other internet business projects. I mean, I need money, who doesn’t. But I’m realizing, as I’m learning because I don’t actually know what I’m doing here, that there is just too much. I can’t possibly do it all.

And then it hits me: I just need to begin. One step at a time.