False Starts and Good Intentions

I have been here before.
I have tried to start a blog/website/internet business before, (at least 3 times actually). I have remnants all over the web. On here, blogger.com, medium.com.

I am afflicted with focus deficit problems, information overload, and choice paralysis. There are so. many. options. on the internet today, and researching does NOT solve the problem, because they are all the best, according to people that use the platform in question.

So I start again, and attempt this time to narrow down, to block out, to do the hardest thing possible for me: to say no, and close off a possibility. Is it the right decision? Am I making the right choice? Well assuming there is even the acceptable belief in this day and age in ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, I have to honestly say “I don’t know.” Of course there is the entirely viable possibility that they are all the right choice, that there is no perfect, or that maybe everything is perfect.

What I do know though, is that if I don’t do this, if I don’t block out and ignore and possibly offend or choose incorrectly, I will never get started, and remain in wish-land limbo forever.

So here goes. Again. Post #1 (redo). v1.I’velostcount

False Starts and Good Intentions